Friday, February 11, 2011

where is the Good that is supposed to be You?

We humans are profoundly fucked up.

Some might be offended by my adjective, but I do not apologize.  What word could adequately describe the incredible evil that we inflict upon each other?

  • We steal children in order to sell them as slaves for labor or sex.  
  • We murder for money, for revenge...for entertainment.
  • We pay to watch movies that laugh at violence and leave the theater with bright eyes, talking about what "cool computer graphics" the creators used. 
  • We strategize how to make more money at the expense of another and call it 'intelligent'.  
  • Husbands hit their wives; wives cheat on their husbands.  Both yell at their children for mistakes their children did not make.
  • We refuse to acknowledge the beggar, homeless, or addict on the corner so that we can pretend they don't exist thus relinquishing any responsibility we might have.
  • We knowingly participate in (and financially support) systems that oppress people and abuse their human rights.
  • We know these things and may cry a little bit but then quickly move on to our hair appointment, study session, church service, shopping errands, and cleaning...promptly forgetting the evil and our connection to it.  

I used to believe that God allowed evil to happen for a reason (perhaps to build one's character or faith).  If that is true, I think God is fucked up too.  How can hell be any worse than a child living day in and day out as someone's tool for sexual pleasure?  Or a child being locked in a closet without food or gentle touch because the father or mother or caretaker had some sick need for control?  What about the child?  How can his character survive?  How can her faith be strengthened?  If God uses evil as Step 1 of a lesson plan, I want nothing to do with God. 

where is the Good that is supposed to be You?

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  1. i don;t think god uses evil as step 1...but i still have no other answer. but i am with you - i can't love or trust a god that would do that. so there HAS to be some other answer, right?
    maybe he just doesn't have as much control as we want him to. we have free will so he sits there and weeps when we fuck it up.