Saturday, March 5, 2011

rant against the medical system

Writing this paper has reminded me once more that I just don't understand Western medicine.  The medical field treats the body in a purely modern way - where functions and disease in the body can be reduced to mere law-based science.  Yet, doesn't metaphysics and quantum theory reveal that our bodies are much more complex?  And what about the placebo effect - doesn't that simply shoot a significant portion of our reliance on medicine in the foot?  What happened to our common sense?  Think about it:  If research shows that a particular trial drug is just as good as the effect of administering a placebo WHY THE HELL WOULD WE CHOOSE THE TRIAL DRUG? 

My husband's answer would be something like, "Because our society has trained us to place implicit trust in doctors - and the medical system".  We can also thank capitalism (and Big Pharma):  There is not a lot of money in placebos. 

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